Make Easy Money on eBay

Make Easy Money on eBay. Make the powerful $0.99 pricing strategy make money on eBay auction listings for you.

Make Money eBay Listing Strategies

In order to make money on eBay auction listings, you must follow these guidelines:

Watch your costs

Watch your costs so you can plan your pricing strategy carefully. eBay charges first an insertion fee, and subsequently a final value fee if your item sells. If your starting price is below 99 cents, the insertion fee is $0.15. If it is between $1 and $9.99, the insertion fee is $0.35. This continues until you hit the $500 and up bracket, where the insertion fee is $4.00.

As for the final value fee:

  • If your item sells for $0 to $25, you pay 8.75 percent of the final closing value.
  • If your item sells for between $25 and $1000, you pay 8.75 percent on the first $25 and 3.50 percent on the remaining amount.
  • If your item sells for more than $1000, you pay 8.75 percent on the first $25, 3.50 percent on the next $975, and 1.50 percent on the remaining amount.
  • Power of the $0.99 Listing Strategy

    Make easy money on ebay with this strategy! Beginners to eBay may freak out (“My digital camera doesn’t fetch just $0.99!”), but it is actually very effective. You might want to price your item only at the minimum price you are willing to take for it, but you will soon discover that most eBay PowerSellers start all their auctions at $0.99.

    Here is how it works:

  • It builds a frenzied interest in your item right from the beginning. You will first attract the bargain hunters and generate bids for your auction. Most eBay buyers first sort their search results by lowest price. Your product will therefore appear right on top.
  • The more bids on your auction, the more desire is generated for your auction. That is how auction psychology works: when we know others want something badly, we want it too. This builds quick momentum for your auction.
  • This almost inflated interest in your item generates a bidding war – by the time you reach the final hour of the auction, the snipers and proxy bidders will appear and often take the price way beyond what you thought you could sell it for.

At the same time, your insertion fees will fall in the lowest bracket. While the few cents may not seem significant for one or two items, they quickly add up when you decide to launch into a full-fledged eBay business and turn it into another income stream for you.

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